I grew up in Duluth MN, graduated from MIT in 2018, and now live in Brooklyn.

I'm broadly interested in

  • text editors
  • "tools for thought"
  • web programming
  • category theory
  • decentralization
  • offline-first apps and peer-to-peer collaboration
  • what it's like to be online right now
  • ontology, representation, identity, agency, belief, meaning
  • Hannah Arendt, Marshall McLuhan, Simone Weil, Ivan Illich
  • the pro tennis tour

In 2018 I joined Protocol Labs as an independent research scientist, working with the Knowledge Futures Group on the Underlay.

In summer 2017 I interned at Notion in the run-up to the Notion 2.0 launch that introduced tables and databases. I designed and implemented the DSL, runtime, editor, and documentation for formulas.

screenshot of the formula input component

Throughout undergrad I worked with Gerry Sussman on various Scheme projects, like a native Jupyter kernel for MIT Scheme and some experimental notebook programming interfaces.

a notebook UI for scheme with cool widgets

I also worked as an undergradudate researcher in the Viral Communications Group at the Media Lab on an early version of PubPub, an open access publishing platform.